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This section of highline has a Genesis UHMWPE line as the main line and as a backup.

At each end of the webbing and rope there is a loop for connection with other sections, or with an anchor point.

Every 17 meters the main line is connected to the backup by a 15kN stitching for added safety.

Genesis is made from 100% high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE / dyneema).

Due to the width reduced to 20mm, the line has less windage, which is important when installing long highlines in windy weather.

With thick, smooth edges, the soft-touch webbing is much more comfortable to handle than many thin UHMWPE webbing.

Genesis has a tubular structure. If desired, it can be used as a protector for the rope and slings.

High strength even by highline standards, minimal weight and low stretch make this line ideal for setting up the longest highlines.

Also, due to the increased strength of the webbing make lifespan longer.

Genesis is compatible with the Snatch V2.2. Holding force 300-400kg on a dry sling and 200-300kg on a wet sling.

To increase the grip strength, it is recommended to use 2 Snatches connected successively.

Genesis is compatible with Rowan webblocks but exhibits some slipping over time, averaging 10mm per hour of walking.

To prevent slipping, it is necessary to tie a blocking knot on the webblock (see the instructions for the webblock).

The 50m section weighs only 3,2kg

Main line and backup - Genesis

Width 20mm

MBS (on webblock / stitched loop) 34kN

WLL 6,8kN

Weight 32g

Stretching at 1000kg 1.5%

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Genesis type 2

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