• Genesis
Genesis is made of 100% high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE / dyneema).

Due to the reduced width of the line to 20mm, it has less windage, which is important when installing long highlines in windy weather.

Thick and smooth edges make the soft-touch line much easier to handle than many classic UHMWPE lines.

Genesis has a tubular structure. If desired, it can be used as a rope sling protector.

High strength even by the standards of a highline line, minimal weight and low stretch make this line ideal for installing the longest highlines.

There are two options for backup:

- Exactly the same Genesis sling

- UHMWPE 12-strand 6mm rope with 36kN strength.

More safety can be achieved when using the sewing of the main line with the backup.

Width 20mm

MBS (weblock / sewn loop) 34kN

WLL 6,8kN

Weight 32g

Elongation at 1000kg 1,5%

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