• High kit 1
Specify the color of the sling, as it may differ from that shown in the image.

A set of high-rise slackline - highline.

When choosing a line length from 70 meters inclusive, the soft release comes in 4 meters length.

The tensioning system in this set consists of a webroll connected with a carabiner to a webbing gripper Snatch.

If you do not have a harness, you can purchase one at any climbing stores.


- Two spansets 1t 2 meters long

- Two spansets 1t 2.5 meters long

- Weblock Rowan 4.2.

- Four stainless shackles 10mm

- Stainless steel shackle 12mm

- Soft-release system 2/4m.

- Webroll

- Webbing gripper Snatch v2.2

- Steel oval carabiner.

- Leash with aluminum protector.

- Main webbing with double sewn loop at one end

- Backup webbing with a sewn loop at one end

Additionally, you can purchase:

- Additional sewn loops, for the ability to lengthen your highline by attaching another line to it.

- One or more single and double webrolls with carabiners to create a more powerful tensioning system

For convenience, you can replace:

- Weblock Rowan 4.2 to any other weblock

- Sling to a sling with a hook

- Steel carabiner to aluminum carabiner

- Four steel shackles to four softshackles

- Leash to a longer one

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High kit 1

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