• Soft shackle Amsteel
 These soft shackles are made of high quality dyneema AmSteel rope. It's much lighter than the usual stainless steel shackles and is more universal. Flexibility allows soft shackles to be used in a vast range of numerous means and purposes, such as connecting the sections of a highline or attaching objects of large size or complex form.  The knot is evenly and firmly tightened with the use of specialized equipment. Due to this, the knot becomes wide and stiff, which significantly increases reliability of the soft-shackle in comparison to soft-shackles, which were not tightened properly. Length is measured from end to end Real length may differ by 1-2 cm from the claimed length. You can also order a soft shackle of any custom length. Protector is included.

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Soft shackle Amsteel

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