• Rowan 4.1TS
Rowan 4.1T is a classical and the most simplistic mode of a weblock with a

dumbbell-shaped release pin.

Differs from model 4.1 in smaller drum size.

This weblock is designed for use with wide webbings (50mm), including tricklines.

Rowan weblocks are made of high-strength structural steel. The center diverter is reliably welded to the side plates of a weblock. While following the curve of the center diverter with a diameter of 30mm, webbing loses almost no strength, in contrast to more primitive locking mechanisms or knots, where loss of strength is significant.

Smoothened edges reduce wear of webbing.

Design of Rowan weblocks is optimized in a way that maximizes effectiveness of load distribution. This has allowed for the weblock to be excessively strong, while remaining relatively lightweight.  

Attachment to the anchor point or sling is made using a steel shackle.

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Rowan 4.1TS

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