Shipping and payment

We accept PayPal and payment cards: VISA Inc, MasterCard WorldWide, MIR.

To pay for goods PayPal when placing an order in the online store, select the payment method: PayPal.

To pay for goods by credit card when placing an order in the online store, select the payment method: credit card.

When paying for an order with a bank card, the payment is processed on the bank's authorization page, where you need to enter your bank card details:

  1. card type card number,
  2. card expiration date (indicated on the face of the card)
  3. the name of the cardholder (in Latin letters, exactly as indicated on the card)
  4. CVC2 / CVV2 code

If your card is connected to the 3D-Secure service, you will be automatically redirected to the page of the bank that issued the card to go through the authentication procedure. For information on the rules and methods of additional identification, check with the Bank that issued your bank card.

The security of processing Internet payments through the bank's payment gateway is guaranteed by the PCI DSS international security certificate. Information transfer takes place using TLS encryption technology. This information is not available to unauthorized persons.

Tips and tricks on the necessary security measures for making payments using a bank card:

  1. take care of your plastic cards the same way you save cash. Don't forget them in your car, restaurant, store, etc.
  2. never give your full credit card number over the phone to any person or company
  3. always have an emergency phone number at hand for the bank that issued your card, and in case of loss, immediately contact the bank
  4. enter the card details only when making a purchase. Never list them for any other reason.

Dear Customers, we inform you that when requesting a refund upon refusal to purchase, the refund is made exclusively to the same bank card from which the payment was made.