• Soft shackle 5mm
Cassic soft shackle with an pressed flattened button knot and a protector.

Soft shackles are made of durable high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE / dyneema) rope. They are much lighter than ordinary steel shackles and, moreover, more versatile. Their flexible structure allows them to be used for various purposes, such as connecting highline sections or connecting too large objects or objects of complex shapes.

The knot is evenly and firmly tightened with the use of specialized equipment. Due to this, the knot becomes wide and stiff, which significantly increases reliability of the soft-shackle in comparison to soft-shackles, which were not tightened properly.

Pay attention, the length of the softshackle is indicated from tip to tip!

Actual length may differ by 0.5-2cm from the declared one.

It is advisable to use softshackles with an additional blocking loop in hard-to-reach points and in the absence of a constant load on the softshackle, for example, on a backup.

Application of softshackles:


Accessory almost weightless softshackle with MBS 10kN.

Not available with additional locking loop.


Compact anchor softshackle with MBS 45kN.

In combination with an additional locking loop, it is ideal for connecting highline sections and attaching backup at an anchor point.

To connect the highline sections, use a 20cm softshackle for the main line and a 40cm softshackle for the backup, remembering to connect them to each other.


Large anchor softshackle with MBS 60kN.

Has a greater margin of safety and lifespan.

In combination with an additional locking loop, it is ideal for attaching a backup to an anchor point.

Softshakly 8 and 10mm with strength 80kN and 115kN are used in special cases.

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Soft shackle 5mm

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